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Monday, March 10, 2008

Veal Stock Part 1

For some strange reason I decided that it would be a great exercise to make my own veal stock. I will confess, prior attempts have been made on my part to make veal stock, then to make the delicious demi glaze, of which I am so fond. Demi glace is a thick gooey substance, creamlike in consistency, made from the reduction of veal stock. There is a tendency to rely heavily on demi glace to rescue otherwise “weak” pan sauces. I, being American, often choose to purchase demi-glace in a large and very expensive plastic tub.
Memories of boiling away pounds of veal bones with an old Jacques Pepin’s (The Art of Cooking) cookbook at my side (for about 10 hours, yes I said 10!) is enough to get me to spend vast amounts of money on a little tub of something most accurately described as brown goo.

Anyway, on Day 1 of this process- I once again went in search of veal bones. Most recipes will have you start with 10 pound of veal bones. At my fists stop I was able to procure only 1 pound of veal bones. Then, proceeding to a second butcher I was able to acquire a second pound. Three more butchers later, I finally had five pounds. Five pounds is enough veal bones to make veal stock at home, so I then went in search of vegetables. Carrots, onion and celery are not tough to find but in total I think I had spent about three hours looking for ingredients. Tomorrow I will cook the veal stock.