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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lobster tails, 5-hour leg of lamb, and more

Lobster tails are a very easy way to prepare lobster for a group. I like to par boil mine and then grill them. This past Saturday we had the tails served with a grilled corn and salad. These little lobster treats are perfect for a dinner party, but so was my next dinner.

I came across an old recipe for 7-hour leg of lamb. Doubtful, I researched a little and found out more. Back in the days when people did not have a home oven, women in France would place some carrots, onions, and maybe a little garlic and wine in a Dutch oven, along with a lamb leg. They would bring their pot to the town baker and then the baker would put their pots into a lesser-used portion of his oven. The pots would simmer all day eventually to be picked up around dinnertime, often by school age children on their way home for dinner.

Well, we no longer have to use a town baker and our more reliable ovens have managed to cut the time down from 7 hours to 5. Seven (or five) hour leg of lab is still a delicious treat. Serve with creamy mashed potatoes.

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