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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Food events of the weekend

Kids in The Kitchen
The weekend started with a trip over to a local event called Kids in the Kitchen. This event run by the Jr. League, aims to increase awareness of health heating habits. I was assigned a group of twenty or so children. Stations were set up around their normal day care facility. It was my job to take a group of children around the building, stopping at a dentist, a sports instructor, a nutritionist, and a station set up by whole foods.

My own children, who were mixed in with the group, got a lot out of the event. At the dentist they were given new toothbrushes, which they used the minute we got home. At the sports station they learned many non- competitive exercises. The nutritionist taught them about eating all the colors of the rainbow (skittles do not count). And all of the children had a great time making veggie pinwheels at the whole foods station. My kids, who do not like eating raw vegetables, decided to save their pinwheels as a breakfast treat for mom and dad the following day, unfortunately for me.

Sur la Table
Saturday I woke. I pleaded and begged, and finally got out of eating the veggie pinwheel for breakfast. After a strong cup of coffee I headed over to Sur La Table. I was to spend the morning in a cooking class called Crepes and Soufflés. All of the students in the class (I am guessing there were about 12) were given a spot/station with a shun knife and a clipboard of recipes. We were to make Stuffed crepes with mushrooms ham and Béchamel sauce, Mint chocolate Soufflé Crepes, Three cheese potato soufflé, and Chocolate Amaretto Soufflé. My group was to be in charge of the mushroom stuffed crepes.

We chopped the ingredients (mis en place) then headed over to the professional range to cook the Béchamel. I’ve made béchamel before. I’ve made many a soufflé. This was different… it was a whole new experience for me. Perhaps a bit like cooking with a large (slightly dysfunctional) family. It was fun. There were a range of skill levels in the class and some of the students could speak English better than others. The instructors helped everyone. We all had our turn to cook chop and stir. When our instructor was helping someone else, a woman from our group suggested it would be fun to go and look through the rest of the kitchen. We did. We snooped. It was beautifully organized. I can’t wait to take another class there. If you take one, go hungry. I was stuffed when I left.

After sur la table I came home and made dinner. We had a seared sea bass over Spanish green beans with garlic confit and saffron aioli. Moules Mariniere (French mussels) was the appetizer. I will try to get recipes to you as soon as I can.

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