A new look at cooking and home decorating...with an attempt to add more greens to the plate, more vegetarian options & hopefully lots of new ideas to explore

My Fridge and Freezer

My Fridge-

Capers, Sun dried tomatoes, Olives 
Cheese- I have 5 or 6 typs on hand but always mozzarella and Parm
Milk, Cream Cheese, Heavy Cream, Eggs, Leeks, Chorizio sausage

My Freezer-

Italian sausage and breakfast sausage
Pizza Dough 
Some nuts
Green Beans, Pearl onions, frozen fruit such as bluberries
LOTS of Asian vegetable dumplings and spring rolls
**Vegetarian entrees-I try to always have some whole foods meatless patties or Bella Burger on hand
Meat or chicken bought in bulk, chicken meatballs
Puff Pastry
Mozzarella and parm cheese - theses can be frozen and used for cooking!
Homemade stock when I have it...
Kids stuff- yup, that means frozen pizzas, pizza dough, ice cream...
Butter, compound butter
Alexia Hash browns
Frozen Pastas
Frozen egg muffin sandwiches for a quick morning bit of protein for my vegetarian

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