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Garden Ideas

The intent of this page is to share some simple garden ideas- mainly with a focus on the kitchen/cooks garden...

New York Botanical Gardens Photos

This week I would like to step into spring by reminding everyone that it is time (March/April) to start gathering seeds. On a personal note I will say that I have had little luck starting seeds inside. Instead I buy seeds that I can place directly in pots when the time comes. For me, all forms of Basil, Cilantro, Parsley and micro greens work very well and grow fast. You simply plant your seeds and pick the produce as it grows. 

The benefit of having a lot of basil around is that you can make huge batches of pesto - freeze it, then in the dark of winter pull out batches of beautiful summer pesto for pasta.

While shopping for seeds please check to see if there are any problems growing certain plants- one year it was inpatients with a bad fungus- last year tomato had a problem and this year I did read that basil was having some issues which could be avoided if the plant was watered from underneath rather than spraying from the top. 

Well, its that time of the year when you can take a trip to your local garden center and pick up seed packages/pots and potting soil- have fun and happy planting! 

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