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My Pantry

I am always wondering what is in peoples pantry's. It is such an odd thing because on a cold, blustery, or rainy day when you just do not want to go outside you rely on your pantry staples. Here is my list..

Canned Tomatoes- you choice, I like san marzano
Canned pasta sauce- homemade is great but in a pinch this is a necessity
Nuts (store if freezer if necessary) and Peanut butter
Jams and Jellies
White and Dark Chocolate baking chips
Flour and Sugar- that kind of goes without saying but it is good to have some whole wheat flour on hand too as well as confectioners sugar & cornmeal
Breadcrumbs- panko and Italian
Tempora flour- this sounds odd but its easily found in the grocery store and mixed with a little water you can dip chicken or shrimp or veggies in it and like magic you have dinner
Bread Mixes- before winter I stock up on mixes for my bread machine so that i don't have to run out in a storm just for sandwich bread
Bread for "wraps"- what ever flat bread you like- I often store mine in the fridge
Rice & Grains- I usually buy large bags of sushi rice, but also keep on hand Italian rice and Spanish rice  (also oatmeal and Dried Pastas... Lentils)
Chipotle peppers- canned in adobo
Onions/ Garlic/ Potatoes
Seaweed Snacks!- I love these things, serve with rice kids can make their own sushi
Vanilla extract, Maple syrup, Honey
Cooking Sauce- Williams Sonoma had some great sauces that you can use with your slow cooker- very handy to have a few in
Spices, marinades, vinegar's, olive oil and oil for frying
Roasted peppers, canned artichokes, pickles, canned beans, canned tuna & canned soups 
Stocks (buy or make and freeze) my favorite right now is organic vegetable bouillon from Italy
Asian stir fry items, water chestnuts, baby corn, soy sauce
Honey Mustard Sauce and mustard, ketchup

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