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General Questions

Here is a genral question page....

1. "how much pasta should I cook per person?"

About 4 oz per person as a main dish - this will change if it is a very rich pasta dish such as a creamy alfredo with a stuffed pasta. Also factor in if you are having other side dishes such as salad or anti pasta platters...

2. "what can I do with left over pasta"

To be honest it depends on how expensive the original pasta was- the sale stuff which sometimes only costs pennies, you may want to just toss it if you dont have time to fuss with it. If you have a more expensive pasta perhaps throw it into a soup. Lastly the expensive artisinal pastas... I like to just make sure I have enough sauce for all of the pasta - even if it means making/buying extra sauce, then I just reheat it with the original sauce.

3.What is the difference between Condensed milk and evaporated milk?

Condensed milk is cows milk with water removed often very thick and sweetened with sugar.
Evaporated milk is also a cows milk with water removed but uses a different process to make it shelf stable and is not usually sweet, sometimes called for as a substitute for heavy cream.

In both cases you will often find these two products in older  wartime recipes when fresh milk was hard to come by.

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