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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fish Finds

I woke this morning, turned on the end of a PBS cooking show and in my sleepy state; I thought I heard some fishmonger from Seattle saying something about Chilean Sea Bass/endangered. Nooo, I just had that for dinner Saturday night, could it be? I did a bit of looking into the matter on the Internet, and it turns out that in Seattle many Chefs have taken this fish off the menu. It appears as though Chilean Sea bass is not endangered though, and is fine to eat as long as you make sure it has been legally harvested. Or you could just switch and use another fish, which I will do next time.

Here’s the thing about buying fish, for a while last year some flashy chefs were all putting Diver scallops on the menu. I had planned a dinner party, and on my menu were seared diver scallops. I went to whole foods and was told by their fish department that they had stopped buying diver scallops all together. They prices had risen too high.

You have to be a little bit flexible when cooking fish. I think its best to go into the store with several possible recipes and then pick one according to what fish is available that day. If all else fails ask the man behind the counter. They often have great ideas for how to cook the fish that is in the case that day.

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