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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas cookies

This is a beautiful pre-Christmas day. Greeting cards have been sent, presents have been wrapped and now all that is left is the food, the most enjoyable aspect of planning. This past week I bought a new cookbook, well, new to me. The Way to Cook by Julia Child. I was intrigued by a method she used for cooking chicken, she used the broiler. She cut out the chicken’s backbone and flattened the chicken, a method used in Italian cooking for chicken under a brick. Then, Julia basted and broiled the bird. I tried her method yesterday morning and ended up with a beautiful looking, but undercooked bird. The whole thing resulted in me carving up the chicken anyway and sticking the raw pink meat back in the oven to roast. I hated to carve up the bird because it looked so pretty, put there is nothing worse than serving raw chicken meat. Perhaps there is another way. The final “roasted” bird was served with about 3 quarts of chicken stock simmered down to a thick juice and garnished with fresh herbs.

Yesterday afternoon was pasta day. We made grandmas Ravioli.

Last night was French onion soup. I made it and let it cool, today it will get popped in my freezer, because it freezes well, and will be served on Christmas day with Ravioli, roast beef and all of the trimmings.

Today is all fun. Its cookie day! Cookies get started a bit early because I make Biscotti, which tend not to go bad, as they are meant to be crunchy. The day before Christmas we will make Pizelle (you need a special Iron for these Italian treats) and French Madeleines. Which do you think Santa will like best?

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