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Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Lazy Week

This was a lazy week for me. I haven’t been feeling well, something like a summer flu. My parents did brighten my weekend though. Saturday we all had lunch together. Mom and dad brought over fresh native corn plucked from the fields in Massachusetts. Corn much sweeter than anything from a grocery store. We wait all year for this native corn to appear at the local farm stands. Dad and I shucked it and then it was boiled in a big pot of water and served with butter and salt. Simple fare. With it we had BLTs with arrugula, fresh tomatoes and a huge bowlful of watermelon.

Along with the gift of corn was a book. I have spent much of my weekend reading it. It is a memoir about the Irish neighborhood in which my mom grew up. I hope that next week my cooking is inspired by it. For this week though, I am working on a few dishes. Italian mac and cheese is the one I hope to post first. I am aiming for a simple make ahead dish that everyone will enjoy. Mild enough to feed to children sophisticated enough to have with a glass of wine.

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