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Thursday, July 5, 2007

A celebration of hope

The phone rang yesterday. For a week or so I had been mulling over in my mind, ideas for a July 4th dessert. It’s the time of the year when one really isn’t tin the mood for a heavy cream cheese laden kind of thing. Nor, was I about to suggest a trifle. Trifles, though often light and airy, are for the most part, associated with English cuisine. Perhaps not the best choice for celebrating July 4th.

The phone call was from my parents. They had wonderful news; it appears as though my mom’s chemo treatments might be working. I truly felt like celebrating this weekend. The goal for dessert became a sort of celebration cake.

I woke this morning with one thing in mind. The desert would be called hope cake. I wanted to use something pink because that has become the color symbol for Breast cancer awareness. I also wanted a basic foundation for the cake. Something simple and light. Decisions were make and the base of the cake became one of the most famous of American cakes known as a 1,2,3,4 Cake. The pink reddish color would come from strawberry jam because I prefer a natural color rather than tinting the frosting with food coloring. The light as air “frosting” would be a simple sweetened whipped cream.

As I made the cake my thoughts were on how far things have come. Many doctors and nurses work so hard ever year to help those with cancer. Every year thousands of people donate time and money to raise awareness of and fight against breast cancer. Medicines are available to my mom, medicines that years ago didn’t exist. When I think of the millions of American who have come together to fight this disease I am hopeful. Please make a hope cake and celebrate with me.

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