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Monday, June 25, 2007

If you are cooking along...

It was terribly noisy in the neighborhood this morning. Unseasonably cool for this time of year. I had made the mistake of leaving the windows open last night. My thought was to enjoy the cool air as I buried myself under blankets then, awaken to the blissful sounds of chirping birds. I grew up in a rural area and find that nothing is quite as pleasant in the morning as the beautiful sound of birds fluttering about. Unfortunately, what I heard instead was shrill like laughter, barking dogs, and SUV doors opening and closing. There were twenty or so people scattered about making last minute calls on cell phones, as they were about to embark upon some sort of group camping trip, to get back in touch with nature. I heard it all.

We had a beautiful dinner last night with butter poached lobster. It turned out quite well. I poached the lobster then served it with seasonal vegetables and drizzled it with a bit of butter poaching liquid. Perhaps just as good as the meal was the wine. Our wine goblets were filled with Licia, a white wine that comes from a part of Spain know as Galicia. Licia is an inexpensive wine which dose not taste of oak like many California whites, it is also not sweet like a Riesling. Though I enjoy all types of wine I really like the simplicity of this particular white, and the price is right.

After dinner I sipped wine and contemplated this blog. I’m a tad hesitant about the whole thing. I might not have started it at all, except last week when my mom was visiting I showed her my recipe collection and she suggested that I try to get it published. I suspect that may be a bit of a far reach for someone who has not been to cooking school. So, as I was contemplating the blog thing and asking myself if anyone would be remotely interested in my ramblings, the Naked Brother Band came on TV. The watchers of channel 33 were fast asleep but I left it on out of pure laziness. I didn’t feel like getting up to get the remote. I must be getting old because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out the show. After a year of watching spongebob I am proud to say I think I have finally gotten the hang the crusty crab. My point is that if people find The Naked brother band fascinating, what’s wrong with reading a blog entry once and a while? I felt better.

This morning is laundry day. I’m doing whites first and during the last rinse cycle I put a few drop of lavender oil in the machine so the sheets and towels have that sweet smell of summer. Sundays are a time to relax and get organized for the week. It is when we take time for a leisurely breakfast, perhaps pancakes with sausage and fresh juice. I was lucky enough to pass by a tag sale this morning and find a whole bin of miniature dinosaurs. I can’t help but think that they would look fantastic on top of cupcakes. Perhaps I may get to that this week. I’m also planning on cooking Chicken Francaise for an easy weeknight meal.

I don’t know if anyone is actually visiting this blog, or planning to visit it regularly, but if there is anyone planning to cook along, I’d best let them know a few things. All eggs are large and organic, all salt is Kosher except in baking, all salad salt is French sea salt. All butter is unsalted. All olive oil is good but the very expensive extra virgin stuff I save for salads. I will try to give the measurements as best I can but sometimes, like with herbs I will give approximate amounts any you will need to use your best judgment. The same thing applies to the use of salt and pepper. I like to heavily season meats before I cook them but I understand people are on more restricted diets. You will have to do what’s best for you.

Well laundry being cleaned, and my menu for the week set I suppose now is a good time for swimming….

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