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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Easy fast food

The door slammed shut and startled me. I wasn’t used to the breeze, though I had grown used to the hot humid air clinging to my skin like sticky sweet jam to toast. The breeze was a relief from the hundred-degree heat hanging over all of New England. Perhaps I should be more resilient but I have grown accustomed to air-conditioning, which was not working now due to a power failure. Neither were lights or my electric stove. As the thunder crashed around the house and rain pelted down upon the roof I thought about our modern conveniences.

What did people eat every night when they had no stove? Honestly, PB&J might be fine tonight but what about the past… Perhaps Gazpacho, a Spanish tomato soup would be nice (if you had roasted tomatoes). One could also dine quite happily on Spanish Tapas, even if it were all gathered from jars and cans. Oil cured olives, roasted red and golden yellow peppers, Chorizo sausage soaked in wine, melon salad.

There are some Italian delicacies I have grown to love as well. Fresh mozzarella and tomato salad, Panzanella salad (bread salad) sun dried tomatoes, and there is much to be said for canned Italian tuna fish.

We are approaching July 4th and I cannot think of anything I would rather have to celebrate than a lobster roll. The lobster will be cooked at the store to save myself from a messy kitchen. We are often fortunate enough to spend time on Cape Cod during the summer time. We order lobster rolls and French fries for almost a week straight from a local lobster shack. Pair the meal with a few glasses of wine and a beautiful view of cape cod bay and there is no place we would rather be. The meal captures the spirit of summertime and I often make efforts to duplicate it a t home.

I suppose there really is no excuse for not eating well even when the weather is warm. It may be too warm to spend hour upon hour in a hot kitchen, but it is rarely too hot to dine well.

With the image of savory little mouthfuls of Tapas on my mind I set my menu for the week. Hopefully my stove will be working because I do plan to cook a little. Maybe Spanish meatballs, Empanadillas, olives, chorizo, shrimp, and of course the delicious Spanish, sweet, egg custard known as flan…

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