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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time out

I have been at home now for a week with children “On Vacation”. I am not sure how it happened but somehow my statement, “the lesson is over, lets go” was translated in my little ones head as “let’s walk straight into a chair and split our lip open”. I was planning to make a lovely panna cotta – or cooked cream this week. Panna cotta is most often served as wonderful creamy dessert but is sometimes served with less sugar and more cheese as part of a cheese or salad course. Anyway, no panna cotta. I am sorry to say that all of the heavy cream that I ordered from Peapod got added to mashed potatoes for little ones that prefer to be spoon fed when hurt. On the bright side, I was able to make a delicious Tuscan style spit roast pork with the help of my rotisserie oven. I cannot wait for some time out in order to type out the recipe and get it to you.

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