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Monday, April 14, 2008

Lobster burger and more

This weekend I once again spent time cooking from what is quickly becoming one of my favorite cookbooks. Michel Richard’s Happy in The Kitchen actually makes me happy to cook from. This Saturday night I made lobster burgers from his cookbook, last weekend I made Filet Mignon with simple Syrah Sauce and the week prior I made an apple risotto topped with vanilla ice cream that my kids devoured as a mid morning snack (I don’t think the risotto is in the cookbook, but rather from his appearance on a French Culinary Institute interview).

The book is great fun, but many recipes have several other recipes woven into them so read carefully and plans ahead before you start. The filet Mignon’s were topped with delicious deep fried Enoki mushroom Tempura. These appear complicated but were very easy and the children thought they were French fries and couldn’t get enough of them as they came crispy, out of the oil and dusted with sea salt.

Another big winner was the Syrah sauce. Michel uses beets to deepen the flavor and color of the sauce, and it is a brilliant idea (I plan to use it often). The downside of the book, if there is one, is that some of the recipes make use of a meat slicer. I don’t know about you but I don’t have a meat slicer hanging around on my countertop. I tried using another cutting device in its place and failed miserably. The book will teach you a lot of technique and you will have a lot of fun learning from it.

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