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Monday, April 14, 2008

How to poach an egg

Poached eggs are mostly about having everything ready before you begin.

Eggs (as many as you care to poach) plus several extra- the fresher the better…

Have ready
A wide, shallow pan, (sauté pan with high sides is best) filled with about 2” simmering water
A skimmer, or slotted spoon and a spoonula or heatproof spatula
A tea towel to dry the eggs on or a bowl of cold water if you plan to save the eggs for later
Individual Teacups, saucers, or ramekins to hold the cracked eggs until you are ready to cook them

To begin –
You will want to crack all of the eggs, plus an additional few, into teacups or ramekins without breaking the yolks. Once they are all ready to be cooked add the vinegar to the simmering water.

Slide into the water your first egg. Gently, with the spoonula, fold a little of the whites over the yolk. DO NOT STIR! If you stir you will just make a mess. Cook 2-3 minutes for runny yolks and 5 minutes for firmer yolks. You may cook only 2-3 eggs at a time. When the first batch is cooked use your slotted spoon or skimmer to lift the eggs from the water and drain on a tea towel. If you are holding the eggs for later immerse them in cold water and refrigerate.

Trim the eggs of excess whites with a paring knife.

Eggs may be placed back into hot water for 1-2 minutes to rewarm them.

Alternately- egg poaching pans are available in cookware shops if you are looking for if you want eggs that look exactly the same each time.

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