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Friday, April 18, 2008

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is, for the most part, about making poached eggs and hollandaise. After that it is all about assembling ingredients.

1 Recipe Hollandaise sauce
You will first want to make Hollandaise Sauce and keep it in a bowl over warm, but not simmering water while you poach the eggs. If the water gets too hot the sauce might “break”. I would prefer a room temperature sauce to a broken one so I might also suggest that you just hold it aside in the food processor while you quickly prepare other items.

English muffins must be broken in half and toasted. These can be kept in a warm oven.

For each English muffin you will need 2 poached eggs (see recipe for poached eggs)

For each English muffin you will need 2 slices of Canadian bacon sautéed until crispy (about 1-2 minutes per side)- These too may be done slightly ahead and kept in a warm oven.

To assemble- Place a piece of bacon on top of each muffin half. On top of each bacon place a poached egg then drizzle with a good size spoon full of Hollandaise.

Garnish with fresh herbs such as minced parsley; chives or I like little bits of thyme.

Eggs Florentine or almost anything a la Florentine means with spinach. In this case you will simply substitute sautéed (and drained) spinach for the bacon.

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