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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The coldest week in February

This past week my mother lost her battle with breast cancer. I suppose it is best to tell you this sooner rather than later. There is no easy way to describe the events of the week and perhaps I best not anyway. I will say, though the cold New England winters are unforgiving, the people are kind and generous to a fault. We received many gifts of homemade dinners as well as offers of childcare. When all was said and done it was amazing to me how many lives my mother had touched and in such a variety of ways. A friend of my moms flew in from Florida to say goodbye, another mentioned what a wonderful listener my mom was. A cousin mentioned her spirit and told a story of my mom at ten years of age leaving New England alone and hopping on a train to visit an uncle in New York. Her mom thought she was still playing in the yard at the time. That certainly is a person with a lot of spirit.

As the week went by I thought perhaps it might be best if I gave my self a little time off from the blog. Maybe just settle in and cook my way through a new cookbook. Bobby Flays MESA cookbook looks like it could be a challenge. Then, I got an e-mail form a friend. Apparently her little daughter has been telling people that when she grows up she wants to be a chef just like Mrs. Pardo (but as you know I am not a chef). How cute is that? Well that is enough to lift ones spirits- so for the moment we shall continue to cook together….

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Anonymous said...

I send my deepest condolences to you and your family during what must be the most difficult winter you have ever had. My own mother is a survivor of breast cancer (cross your fingers it doesn't come back) and it is probably the most draining physically and emotionally for any woman.
Please continue to write this lovely blog.... I am now an avid and loyal fan. :)