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Thursday, January 23, 2014

no blogs for a while

So as you may see this bog has not been active for a bit of time... We remolded our kitchen which took up quit a large amount of time. That is my first excuse.

My second is that in the remodeling period my family has changed and grown. One person has become a vegetarian and another has been on a strict low carb diet. Humm... as far as cooking that left me wondering- what is left to cook?

In all of my web searching for vegetarian and other healthier meal choices I realized that if I started up my blog again maybe I could help others who are also out there looking for the same type of foods. The objective here is to encourage sharing new meal ideas. Many may be "flexitarian" to include meat and non meat eaters alike.

The comforts of home concept is mainly about embracing and enjoying home decorating and cooking, and in that spirit trying to include meals for those family members on "greener" diets. Enjoy!

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