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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Batter Blaster

I ran into a friend in the grocery store, and after a few minutes of polite conversation she told me about Batter Blaster. "It's over by the milk". I walked over to find it. Wow. Its pancake batter in a can. I read the label expecting a bunch of junk in the can, oddly its organic. I feel the need to tell everyone about this, not because it make s the world's best pancakes, but because it eliminates a bunch of mess.

At this time of the year it's dark out when my alarm goes off in the morning and it's hard to get out of bed ,then start a whole breakfast project. Honestly, I would rather save my energy for later in the day, maybe for making Paella, or perhaps a Spanish soup, maybe for a tart- it matters not- the point is that this is a big help on those busy school mornings when it's hard to get going. Besides, the kiddies seem to love to watch the batter squirting out of the can!

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