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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Ready for autumn

Well, today the temperature has dipped a bit and so, it is the perfect day for getting ready for fall. It is the kind of day when I switch out all of the summer bedding, pack up some of the summer clothing and load up on flu medicine and Chap Stick. I have a beautiful new All-clad slow cooker, which is just begging for use.

Around this time every year, I pick a day like today for my annual soup making. Some people use this time of the year for making and storing tomato sauce. Not me. For some reason, the tomato sauce thing has never appealed to me. Perhaps, it is because I prefer to use the San Marzano tomatoes from Italy for sauce rather that fresh tomatoes. Therefore, I make tomato sauce all winter long. Making soup at this time of the year is however, a huge help in the mornings.

Usually I pull out my big red cast iron pot, and make a traditional French pea soup. Once the soup has cooked then cooled I put it into little, single serving size Baggies and store it in my freezer. As need be I can defrost the soup in the mornings and warm it enough to be thrown into a lunch thermos.

After the work of the day a simple supper is in order. I have an easy rice dish, which I would like to share with you, though bear in mind it may be a little too spicy for children.

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