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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Food Weekend

Well, yesterday was rather exciting, we as a family, went to see Mario Batali sighing his newest cookbook. I was able to get a shot of the kiddies NEAR Mario but decided not to wait in the gigantic line for a more up close photo. We were able to sample some of the items from his cookbook, Asparagus wrapped in Pancetta, Grilled Polenta with Ribiola (the Ribiola tasted just like Brie) and a flatbread with melted cheese. Also, we were able to taste a few of Mario’s wines, which was fun.

Last evening for dinner I made Red Snapper, marinated in Ponzu and served with baby bok choy and a mustard sauce. It was very good and seemed pretty healthy as well.

For the better part of the morning I have been working on a Brioche recipe. I love the eggy and buttery Brioche but am not a big fan of the more traditional recipes that require making the bread a day ahead, then refrigerating it over night. Who can wait that long?

All in all it’s been a productive “food” weekend, the photo of the red Snapper is above.

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