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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week of reflection

This was a particularly rough week. My mom entered a Hospice program, a program for those no longer receiving medical treatment for a terminal illness. Many of my conversations with her this week have been about the past, reviewing and accessing decisions in our lives. Mom and I spoke of some of our favorite holidays, trips and other memories. I told her I always think of her when I cook, at which point she asked me which recipe reminds me of her the most.

There were many to choose from, apple cake, chicken Marsala, pea soup but my clear favorite was her blueberry muffins. The conversation pulled me from a state of reflection and back into the kitchen. I placed a mini apron on one of my little loves, then let little hands go to work cracking eggs, measuring blueberries, and even making meatballs. Children love to make meatballs. This week wasn’t so much about cooking ultra fashionable food, but rather, about conveying the basics of cooking and family traditions to a younger generation. It’s a wonderful thing to give children part of their family history through food.

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