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Friday, May 22, 2009

Wow, isn't it nice when it feels like summer weather again? After the long winter I look forward to 80 degree days. Working in the garden at this time of the year brings such joy. I love seeing the flowers bloom and feeling the earth in my hands. Usually, around now I opt for lighter fare from the kitchen as it allows me more time in the sun.

I like fast and healthy recipes that remind me of the outdoors. This week I made my friend Jan's Sicilian pasta. Its quick, easy , light and fairly rustic. Just the kind of meal to eat out in the garden. Also, fish in parchment has become a new favorite because many of the aromatics which I need for the dish are just outside in my herb garden. Dessert may be as simple as some strawberries with a bit of whipped cream.
enjoy the sunshine!

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