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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kitchen Confusion

Yesterday, I spent the better part of my day at a kitchen design store. Once home I flipped through the glossy images of beautiful kitchens with granite countertops and wine coolers and under lit cabinets. A friend of mine is redoing her kitchen and she asked me to come along to help her. I am not sure that I am much of help but I am learning quite a bit about kitchen design.

What interests me most about all of this is the function of the kitchen. For some people it is a place to take refuge. A place to remember travels they may have taken to Italy, France or Asia. Some people choose a kitchen that helps them to dream of things which they have experienced or hope to experience in the future.

Others design a kitchen as a showcase. It is simply a place where they can show the world what they bought. That is fine too. There is nothing wrong with hiring a great designer to make beautiful room for your house. Even if you don’t plan to cook in it all that much. Maybe your family will spend time there, lingering over breakfast. Perhaps you just enjoy showing it off to friends at dinner parties – no matter. It is a place for gathering more that actually cooking.

There are those who want a practical kitchen. They want recycle bin stations; pull out garbage bins and bread baking stations. They want snack areas for the kids and places to store juice boxes.

Having spent a few months in the past, trying to figure out what style I want my perfect kitchen to be someday, I have turned a corner. In place of deciding on a set style such as “Old World” or “Country French” or “Tuscan” I see it differently. What do those labels really mean anyway? Now it is more about what the kitchen can do for me. Will it make me dream of the Italian countryside? Will it work for my entertaining needs? Will all of my kitchen clutter fit in there? (Probably not!) No matter. I no longer feel boxed in by a certain style and I have learned a lot in the process.

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